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Akple is the staple food of the Ewe people made from maize. Quite similar to Banku and Tuo Zaafi but with a different flavour.

It can be eaten with either stew or soup but mostly goes with pepper sauce and small herrings popularly referred to as “Akpavi”. These pictures of the dish will make you wish you were an Ewe.

1. This is how the sauce looks like with “Akpavi”.

Delicious meal from the Volta region Enjoy. #Akple #Aborbitadi #Meals #VoltaConnect

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2. When you decide to eat with light soup.

#Akple #Volta #Agbozume #Tilapia

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3. You can choose to do some tilapia too.


4. It’s perfect with Okro soup too.


5. Onaapo!!


6. This is suicidal….

He set a table before me in the presence of my love ones #akple#

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7. Just in the right order.


8. When you make your enemies jealous…Oh wow!!


9. Food is ready…


10. This is how you get trapped.

Countryside breakfast! #Akple #Agbametadi #Akpamémé

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11. No time to waste.

Feeling exited with my favourite all in all dish #akple# banku with some tilapia….you are all invited …….

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12. When you decide to add some swag.

Akple/ Satza served with Vegetable Soup 🔥 by @ceebacookingpot ♻️ #Satza #Akple #VegetableSoup #SpiceeUpp

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13. This is how we do it in the family.


14. No dulling.

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