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We call them the future leaders, yet sometimes the look in their eyes betray that assertion.

Here are 31 pictures of Ghanaian children that prove to us there is hope for the future.

1. Time to play.


2. A time to smile.


3. Time to dance.

The agile adowa girl #asantehemma #manhyia

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4. We keep moving forward.


5. All smiles.


6. Friendship.

Throwback Thursday 3.30.13.. The shoot for the music artist was under the atomic bridge at Haatso, she was a curious onlooker with her mum urging her to come closer to the set so she features in the picture too. She was photo bombing :). When the shoot ended, I asked her mum if she could be photographed as well and had an over whelming yes. She however run off and pulled her friend she was playing with to be included in the photo. The innocence and love was beautiful. As we head to the polls on Wednesday, I pray we see ourselves as one people and treat each other with love and respect irrespective of our political affiliation, for the sake of these young and innocent ones. God bless Ghana #love #beautiful #oneGhana Emmanuel Bobbie All rights reserved 2016

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7. Roller Skating.

He skated rapidly back and forth a few times showing of his amazing skills this late noon. In no time he was tired. He grabbed a sachet water, drunk half and poured the other half over his head to cool down. I have suffered same in recent times (exhaustion) . Been on a nationwide assignment for a client. I became exhausted and decided to put down my camera down for a while after a friend introduced me to Dji drones. It does get exciting, flying and taking photos. I had a new challenge for me however, I think I will put it away for a bit and grab my DSLR once again, having crashed the drone a few times already. We all need breaks, even doing what we love I guess. I restarted from a photowalk today #Accra # kantamanto #Ghana #goingback #goldenlight #lenstory @lensculture Emmanuel Bobbie All rights reserved 2016

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8. Ready to support the family.


9. Love.


10. Pure joy.


11. We rejoice in the moment.


12. Face of determination.


13. Crab hunting.


14. There’s hope for the future.


15. That’s why we have fun.


16. Nothing lost.

Caption this…

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17. Work and happiness.


18. All work and no play?


19. Look into my eyes…


20. For with my little hands I put food on the table.


21. Gorgeous.


22. Skipping.


23. Rejoice with us.


25. No fear.


26. Let’s play.


27. Do not be worried, I will be okay.


28. Young hustler.


29. Crafted for this….


30. And I know I will survive it.


31. Do not be afraid, there is hope for the future.

Zuraira sat at the banks of the black Volta washing her clothes. When I approached and asked if I can make a photo of her, she nodded and I took a few shots. I then asked her to smile for a few more shots..she declined..I asked a few more times and she still declined. At this stage, her mum walks up to me and tells me.she lost her milk tooth and her friends laugh at her when she smiles as such she won't smile for me to photograph her "flaws". I respected her decision and the shoot ended there. Such a wonderful strong person. My river maiden Zuraira #Ghanatravel #black Volta #buipe #destinationGhana #fader #lobster #watermark #50mm @cnnafrica #bbcafrica #girlchild @aljazeera @worldpressphoto @magnumphotos @loves_africa #portraitpage #canon_photos #canon_official @marvelous_shots

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