Image: Bids In Grace Land

Badagry is a coastal town and local government area in Lagos State, Nigeria. It is situated between the city of Lagos and the border with Benin at Seme.

Image: Bids In Grace Land

Image: Bids In Grace Land


As everyone knows, it houses the first storey building in Nigeria but Badagry really is more than that. It also bears fragments of history as it was a key port in the export of slaves. It was this history I went in search of and one of my stops was the Badagry Heritage Museum. Here are some pretty interesting things I found out.

1. The museum was a former district office and was built in 1863

That’s what this sign board says at least.

Slave Trade 10

Image: Frank Ugobude


2. The museum opens between 9am – 5pm daily

The museum houses amazing pictures and sculptures. And there’s a shop in front to buy African items.

Slave Trade 9

Image: Frank Ugobude


3. The slaves were always chained from head to toe


Slave Trade 7

Image: Frank Ugobude


4. Still on the chaining matter

More chains.

Slave Trade 3

Image: Frank Ugobude


5. Because there are still more chains

The tour guide even said they used to chain the mouth too.

Slave Trade 6

Image: Frank Ugobude


6. And they were branded with a red-hot metal

As if the chains were not enough.

Slave Trade

Image: Heritage Daily


7. And after all of this, they were bound in chains like this

And they had to walk long distances.

Slave Trade 5


8. And when they were to be shipped, they were packed in the lower deck of the ship

As per sardine

Slave Trade 4

Image: Frank Ugobude


9. And when they had to drink water, they drank like this

I can’t even start to imagine

Slave Trade 1

Image: Frank Ugobude


10. And if for any reason they messed up or disobeyed, they were killed

Death by hanging.

Slave Trade 2

Image: Frank Ugobude


11. Or they were bitten by dogs

So sad.

Slave Trade 11

Image: Frank Ugobude


12. And this is how the museum looks like

View from outside

Slave Trade 12

Image: Frank Ugobude


You should actually take time out to go see this by yourself, maybe with a group of friends. If you liked this, you should check out how African slaves were sold back in the days.