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Parenthood is a challenge that most new parents can’t wait to conquer.

For new would be parents, any advice from veterans in the parenting game is reverently picked up. And veteran parents are all too happy to share what they know.  Some veteran parents can be all doom and gloom but most tend to give really great advice. But even with all the sound advice, here are some things about babies that you can only know when you’ve had one:

1. Every baby is different

Some babies are frequent criers, others only cry when they need to be fed or changed. Nobody tells you this till you have your own baby. After months of awful stories, you discover  your baby is different from all the stories you’ve been told.



2. Baby voice recognition powers

Dads, does your new born cry when you’re trying to calm him down by singing? This is because a baby recognises its mother’s voice right from birth. If you want to calm the baby down, speak in a falsetto. Many parents don’t realise this till they have spent months with their kid.

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3. Baby No

Babies may lack the capacity to speak but they have ways of letting you know. When your baby is full during feeding time, the baby will move its head away from the food. So, pay attention so you don’t overfeed your precious bundle of joy.

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4. Come closer

Does your baby cry even when hearing your voice right in the same room with them? Babies are nearsighted, they can only see 8-12 inches away from their face. So when your newborn is crying even though you’re in the room, just come closer so they can see you.


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5. Babies have personalities

People often think babies are just little cute bundles that just poop all the time and smell nice. Babies have personalities and will require stimulation like every human on the planet. So, new parents should be ready to get to know the quirks of their tiny human.

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6. Frequent diaper change

Nothing prepares new parents for a number of diapers they have to change daily. The average new born urinates every 20 minutes. By the time your baby is 6 months old, this figure will drop to once an hour. Get ready to change diapers often.

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7. Sensitivity

Babies are very sensitive and can within a few days of being born be able to differentiate between the bristles of different fabrics. If your newborn starts crying even after being fed and changed, you should try changing its clothes and blanket. The bristles may be too hard on its delicate skin.


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