So the Joe Ghartey committee presented its report to parliament this week and one thing that has been trending is Hon. Ayariga’s reply when he was asked to apologise.

He said, “if you say I should aplogise, I apologise”. Here are all the times we can relate to this statement.


When you do something and your mum says go and apologise even though you don’t feel you should.

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When a guy does something that he feels isn’t anything but his girl says he should apologise for it cos she didn’t like it.

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When you’re caught in the Ken Korankye situation where a higher authority says you should apologise but you still feel you were not wrong.

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When your teacher reports you to your parents for doing something wrong and your dad sends you to the school and irrespective of the fact that you have a case, goes on to say apologise to your teacher.


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When you’re asked to apologise for something you didn’t do.



When you have an issue with your church pastor and church elders ask you to apologise just because he’s the pastor and not because you are wrong.

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When a rich person wrongs you and you retaliate and they come to your house looking intimidating and your parents ask you to apologise just because they don’t want any long tinz.




When a woman hits back at her husband’s verbal abuse and he reports her to elders of her family who go like; “no matter what he did, he’s your husband and you shouldn’t disrespect him in any way. Apologise to him”.



When as a child, you beat another child for either insulting you or hitting you first and their parents bring them with their injury to your house and because your parents do not want to drag issues, ask you to apologise.

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When a rich man takes your girl and you confront her before him and he gets his guards to beat you before asking you to apologise to her with his boys standing by, ready to do more damage.

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