3 Steps To Take To Avoid Being Broke In 2020

A saying goes that January is way longer than the rest of the months, and it’s not a lie. 

It’s a new year, and everyone has plans and resolutions. Everyone has something they want to change about themselves or the people around them, so the year would be a good one. 

Here are some guidelines to follow so you don’t go broke in 2020 

1. Make a budget 

For everything you’re doing, a budget should be made. Budgets are plans one set out to spend. At the beginning of a month, a budget should be set out based on your income, so spending can be properly managed.


When one doesn’t plan, he/ she tends to spend recklessly and as Mayorkun said, “with your Coca-Cola budget, you can’t order Rozay” 

2. Save 

It may be hard, but make sure you save. For every income you earn, put away at least 15% – 25% for savings. There would surely be rainy days, and the only thing you have would be your savings. If you don’t save, how then would you survive. 


Unless you’re a relation of Dangote, Wizkid or Davido, then you can do whatever you like with your money 

3. Cook more, Eat out less 

You may not know it, but eating out gets expensive over a period of time. Cooking more would help save more funds. You don’t have to write-off eating out entirely, but do so in small bits.


Do you think there are other things you can do to make more money in 2020? Kindly list them out in the comment section

Source: Opera News


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