You’re on a WhatsApp group chat. And have been annoyed on many occasions.

Here are all the annoying things you can absolutely relate to if you’ve ever been on a WhatsApp group chat.

1. Group members posting 50mb videos. Like how?



2. Posting pasco just five messages after someone had posted the very same thing.

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3. When the entire members of the group have seen your message but zero replies.

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4. Group members just ignoring your contribution like you’ve said nothing while people are sharing ideas.

hoakim noah


5. Two members having a conversation only the two of them understand in the group. Make it private already!


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6. Members using shorthand you can’t decipher in the group.

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7. That annoying person who posts nonfa in the group.

ohhh meme

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8. Feeling awkward and weird after being added to a WhatsApp group that has been around for a while.

kid meme face disgust

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9. The group getting interesting only when you’re very busy.

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10. Having to text ‘Happy Birthday’ almost every day in the group and actually being lost for words.

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11. People who say stupid things to piss people off and kill the entire conversation.


12. A lot of group contributions for funerals, get together’s and the rest. You know you’re not going anyway.


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