We are sure most of you saw the trotro driver and his mate who got whipped by a military man around the 37 Military Hospital when they disobeyed a road regulation?

Many people have displayed their displeasure but let’s be honest here, Ghanaian trotro drivers are really annoying and we can’t deny it.

If they really want to prevent being lashed by the military, we feel they should stop these annoying things on our roads.

1. Racing Each Other For Passengers.

So one thing that is clear with most trotro drivers is how they race each other on our roads in search of passengers as if they are in a formula 1 race. This sometimes gets out of hand and becomes life-threatening and it must stop. In fact, it has caused many accidents and people have actually lost their lives.


2. Disregard For Road Signs.

Trotro drivers in Ghana behave as if the laws on our roads were not created for them but other drivers. They flout it anyhow and go Scott-free. This is because they believe even if the police arrest them, all they need to do is pay bribe and they are gone.


3. Insulting Passengers.

That habit of trotro drivers insulting passengers at the least provocation needs to stop. We agree, some passengers are annoying but that’s why we have customer service, at least as a driver you need to respect yourself small and this also includes the mates who don’t even respect passengers older than them.


4. Urinating On Their Car Tyres.

So we can’t only blame trotro drivers for this habit but it is common with them so we guess we have to. They can just stop anywhere and pee on their car tyres and this can even be in the middle of the road. They need to stop.


5. Being Untidy.

It doesn’t hurt to be neat, at least they should dress properly and smell good. Sometimes you can’t even tell the difference between a trotro driver/mate and a mechanic.


6. Going For Fuel Right After Moving From The Station.

So most trotro drivers have the habit of going to buy fuel right after setting off from the station with a lorry full of passengers and when you’re in hurry, they waste all your time at the fuel station. What stops them from being prepared before starting work?


7. Inflating Fares As And When They Please.

So Ghanaian trotro drivers have this habit of taking advantage of rush hour to increase their fares by arbitrary. That thing needs to stop because there are widely accepted fares in the country and these inappropriate increments have caused a lot of feuds between drivers and passengers with some even ending up in fisticuffs.


8. Picking Passengers In The Middle Of The Road.

Ghanaian trotro drivers can just stop anywhere in the middle of the road so far as there is a passenger. What happened to stopping at the bus stop?


9. Moving When The Passenger Has Not Sat Down.

And when they finally pick the passenger, they won’t even wait for you to sit down before they move the car. They also move in a jerking motion as if they intentionally want you to hurt yourself…tbh! that thing needs to stop.


10. Insulting Other Drivers.

And they will also insult other drivers who drive irresponsibly as if they are holy. A case of the pot calling the kettle black.


11. Take A Shower.

At least they should shower before stepping into the car, being a trotro driver or mate doesn’t mean you don’t need to bath. In fact, we hope there will be a law to arrest those who have very stinking armpits including some passengers.


12. Overload.

That attitude of them always wanting to pick more than the allowed number of passengers to discomfort others, need to stop.


13. One Gallon.

There is this habit of buying just one gallon of fuel for work which doesn’t get them anywhere and before you know it, they run out of fuel and you have to wait while his mate runs to get fuel before you can continue your journey. Sometimes they run out of fuel in the middle of nowhere and passengers have to help push the vehicle closer to a fuel station.


14. Maintaining Their Vehicles Properly.

Ghanaian trotro drivers need to maintain their vehicles. The fact that it is a trotro does not mean it should be rickety. All those cars on the Korle Bu – Dansoman road need to be impounded.

trotro broken down


15. Short Short.

Then comes the time they decideĀ to shorten a single destination just to make more money. Instead of picking passengers directly to a particular destination, they’ll rather pick passengers from one point to another and then pick from that point to the next on the same route, before getting to their final destination. They do this to make more money out of a single destination.


16. Aplanke.

Mates hanging by the buses is not a good idea at all and needs to stop.

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