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Ghanaian friends can be some of the most awesome people on earth.

They can also be very annoying depending on the situation. Below are 11 annoying questions you’re sure to hear from your Ghanaian friend.

1. Are you back?

After telling your friend that you’re going somewhere, they see you and ask, are u back? after your conversation with them at that moment clearly, indicates that you’re back.

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2. Are you asleep?

Your friend calls you at dawn and still asks if you’re asleep. They visit you and after entering your room and seeing you asleep, will tap you and ask,  “you dey bed?”.

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3. Oh! You didn’t go again?

You tell someone you’re going or will be going somewhere and the next time they see you their question is, “Oh, you didn’t go again?” When it’s quite obvious that you didn’t go.


4. You chop finish?

They’ll see that you’re done eating but will still ask you this question like they expect a different answer. If the empty plate isn’t evidence enough, then I don’t know what else you want.

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5. Ei, you come?

You friend sees you in the evening after work and will ask if you’re back from the office. No, I’m still in the office. SMH!!!

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6. You drink finish?

This is normally related to alcoholic drinks. Just like the food, your friend will see that indeed you’re done drinking but will still ask this question. Maybe they feel you’ve hidden some somewhere.

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7. That be your girl?

This is after you’ve indeed introduced your girl to them. It’s like saying you don’t deserve her.

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8. So you go cry?

They’ll ask you this question after doing or saying something to offend you and you’re angry. Makes you feel like killing them right there.

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9. Are you going to work?

They see you early in the morning in your corporate glory, the same way you go to work every day and they still want to find out if you’re going to work.

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10. You get money?

They’ll buy something and when they’re done consuming it and it’s time to pay, they’ll ask you if you have money, pretending they can’t find their money.

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11. But why did you break up?

As if breaking up with your partner isn’t hurting enough, your friends will now be asking why you broke up with him or her as if they know what’s good for you than yourself.



12. Are you sick?

They find you in bed shivering with a cloth around you or in the office and after you’ve indicated to them that you’re not feeling too well, they’ll now ask if you’re sick.

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13. Are you hungry?

You tell them you want to go buy food and they ask if you’re hungry. Like, why will I buy food if I’m not hungry?


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