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Being an adult is a scam that we wish we could change every day.

Regularly, we find ourselves looking back at the early years and how we wanted to be adults so bad and just a few years after, we’re dreading this thing called adulthood. Little wonder people would give anything to relive their childhood occasionally.

Here are some of the adult problems we wished we got heads up about their true nature.

1. Dating

Who told you that you’ll be dumped via WhatsApp and it’ll take four years to move on?

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2. Budgeting

Or how it’ll be hard to budget every month and end up still broke

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3. Being unemployed

Or how you reassure yourself that every resume you send out is read and the problem is them, not you

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4. Stuck in a job you don’t care about

Or how you’ll be stuck in your 9-5 that is boring your life.

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5. Dealing with people

How about dealing with human beings? At work, at home? Who prepared you for that hard life


6. Pressure

Or pressure that’s flying from your parents in real life and your online friends on Instagram


7. Loneliness

There’s also being alone even when you have people around you


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8. The fear of everything

Of dropping that resignation letter, of launching that new business.


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9. Cooking and Eating Healthy

Adulthood is hard.

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10. Spending

Dropping money for aso-ebi for that colleague you don’t talk to or even paying for your crush at the cafeteria.

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11. Money problems

Going broke in the middle of the month and having no one to ask for money.


12. Meetings

Long meetings or those irrelevant ones your boss calls to fill up time.


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13. Saving

Amidst your broke nature, you still have to save.

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14. Siblings and Family

And still, send something to your siblings and parents.

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15. Everything in short

See, everything issa scam

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Tired of this thing called adulthood, to be honest.

Here are some things that last born children can relate to.