A Kisumu Lady Might Be Headed To Jail After Eating Fare Worth 2k

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A Kisumu woman is having sleepless nights after eating fare worth 2k sent by her former lover.

You ask why? apparently, the former lover has promised to send cops after her.

The unnamed woman who is blogger Edgar Obare‘s fan told the tea master she had asked for KSh 2,000 fare to go visit her man.

Instead of showing up as planned, the lady used all the money and kept quiet.

This aggravated the woman’s partner and the jilted man allegedly reported her to the nearest police station.

As soon as he obtained an OB number, the scorned man sent a screenshot of a tiny, white paper with the police force’s logo plastered on it.


He told the “fare eater” he would soon send officers to pick her up if she still insisted on not repaying the cash he spent on her.

The lady said her man referred to her as a fraudster and added he did not mind spending extra cash to grease the cops’ hands just to obtain justice.

“He said police officers would visit me and pick me up like a dog. He also said he dealt with people like me and he had already paid KSh 2,800 to track me,” the worried woman said.

Source: Tuko

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