The easiest convention in making a word plural is by adding “S”. At least that’s what we were taught back in school.

However, there are certain words which do not require an “S” to become plural. Here are 24 of such words.

 1. Entertainment.

Just watch it when writing this word, the plural still remains entertainment.



2. Applause.

No matter how hard you are tempted to add an “S” please don’t.


3. Grass.

Please for Christ’s sake, you can’t say, “grasses”.


4. Wisdom.

Wisdom is wisdom, please stop saying “Wisdoms”.



5. Literature.

It is still literature.


6. Bread.

Just say, loaves of bread and don’t be tempted to write breads.


7. Accommodation.

Accommodation still remains accommodation even in its plural form.


8. Education.

Same thing, nothing changes.


9. Garbage.

How much garbage do you want to add to your grammar already?



10. Equipment.

This has no plural form. Equipments is very wrong.


11. Assistance.

We’ve seen big media houses even write this with an “S”.


12. Transportation.

Transportation is already in its plural form, so whether in plural or singular form, please don’t add an “S”.

kidding me


14. Baggage.

Baggage is an uncountable noun so it’s plural already, desist from adding an “S”.


15. Advice.

Instead of saying Advices, say pieces of advice.



16. Grief.

No way.

 no way


17. Humour.

Don’t even try it.


18. Traffic.

How can you say, traffics?



19. Homework.

No matter the number of homework you have, it is still homework.


2o. Flour.

Flour is still flour, please.


21. Pork.

Don’t make it worse than it is already.


22. Beef.

Same here.


23. Furniture.

We know you know but we still have people messing it up.


24. Sheep.

You can even have 10,000’s of them, it is still sheep.

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