Woman Wakes Up In A Body Bag After Being Declared Dead

Woman wakes up in a body bag after being declared dead.

A Paraguayan woman had the shock of her life when she reportedly woke up in a body bag – after being declared dead.

Gladys Rodríguez Duarte was set to be prepared for a service hours later, with her family already informed that she was dead.

High blood pressure.

On Saturday, the married mother had gone to San Fernando Clinic, in the city of Coronel Oviedo, because her already high blood pressure was increasing, according to local media the lady is 46 years old.

About two hours after she arrived, a doctor confirmed Mrs Rodríguez Duarte’s death to her husband Maximino Duarte Ferreira and daughter Sandra Duarte.

But staff at a funeral parlour then found her moving inside a body bag when she was unloaded.

It suggested Mrs Rodríguez Duarte was admitted to hospital at 9.30am local time and was checked by Dr Heriberto Vera, who declared her dead at 11.20am, Paraguayan Police said.

The ovarian cancer patient was then transported to a local funeral home where shocked staff found that she was alive.

He continued:

We trusted him, that’s why we went there. But they disconnected her and passed her off to the funeral home.

Staff at the Duarte and Sons Funeral company found Mrs Rodríguez Duarte moving inside the bag when they unloaded her at the funeral parlour, the owner told investigators.

She was immediately taken to one of Paraguay’s Social Welfare Institute medical facilities and placed under observation, but her current condition has not been made clear.


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