Wife In Kakamega Kills Husband Over A Plate Of Ugali

Residents of a village in Kakamega County are in shock after a woman allegedly stabbed her husband to death after an altercation over a plate of ugali.

The woman from Ikoli village allegedly armed herself with a kitchen knife and stabbed her husband in the stomach during the fight on Saturday.

The couple is reported to have had a troubled marriage and efforts by elders to reconcile them had hit a snag.

The husband, identified as Brian Indumuli, was aged 35. He succumbed to his injuries while he was being rushed to hospital.

Mr Indumuli said his wife was disrespectful.

Mr Indumuli had complained that his wife was disrespectful and had served him the meal while she was drunk and upset the table.

His father, Mr John Indumuli, said his daughter-in-law served his son with a plate of ugali which accidentally tipped over and the food landed on the ground, sparking off the altercation.

The husband asked why she was drunk:

A fight broke out after my son asked her why she appeared drunk. She fled from the house and came back armed with the knife and stabbed him in the stomach.

Their marriage was bad:

The woman, aged 26, then stabbed herself in the stomach. Ikoli Sub-Location Assistant Chief Walter Namutali said the couple had a troubled marriage and had separated for a year.

I have talked to them many times to try and resolve their differences hoping they would live peacefully but the disagreements have continued.

The woman is admitted to the Kakamega County General Hospital.

(H/T Daily Nation)


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