This Is Why Miguna Thinks President Uhuru Is Exaggerating COVID-19 Figures

Miguna thinks president Uhuru is exaggerating COVID-19 figures.

Exiled lawyer Miguna Miguna has called on the National Assembly to take action before President Uhuru Kenyatta and his ally Raila Odinga impose the highly hyped Building Bridges Initiative on Kenyans.

The revolutionist, who is well know for shooting straight at his critics from his hideout in Canada, said at least 145 members of the National Assembly should resign to deny the duo a chance to pass constitutional changes in parliament.

Miguna writes on Twitter.

Taking to his Twitter page on Saturday, May 16, the man with the same name twice said the two political heavyweights were using the coronavirus pandemic to their advantage, as Kenyans are busy fighting the COVID-19 menace.

He said Uhuru’s extension of the curfew was motivated by that factor so as to allow quick passing of the changes in the Constitution.

Miguna wrote:

You are using COVID-19, curfews and lockdowns in order to scheme and execute your evil plans of clinging to power. Your…Murathe stated that we are lucky that coronavirus came and has allowed Uhuru to rule by decree. We shall defeat you!

According to the former Nairobi county gubernatorial aspirant, there are only two options to defeat the political dynasties in their game.

Miguna’s solution.

The first option is to have half of the MPs resign so as to render government dysfunctional because, as by article 97 of the Constitution, there must be three-quarters of MPs for the Assembly to function normally.

Miguna said:

145 MPs or more unilaterally resign from parliament and precipitate fresh elections before Uhuru Kenyatta and Raila Odinga get a chance to impose the BBI, Article 97 stipulates that there must be 290 MPs for parliament to function. When half of parliament resigns, parliament and the government must be dissolved for fresh elections, which Uhuru Kenyatta is disqualified to contest and Raila cannot win.

Miguna added:

Kenyans must not wait for 2022! We must not wait even until 2021! The year 2020 is the time for Kenyans to demonstrate to oligarchs and tyrants that power belongs to the people and that the people – not the crooked and rotten dynasties – are sovereign! The time is now!.

Following the rift and tension in the Jubilee Party, the president’s close allies are reported to have made approaches to some MPs to side with the head of state.

The intentions of these campaigns are still unclear. Some of those who have been approached include nominated MP David Ole Sankok who was a well-known supporter of the Deputy President William Ruto until Friday, May 15, when nominated MP Maina Kamanda visited him.

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