This Is Why Brenda Spent 23 Days Instead Of 14 In Quarantine

With many Kenyans raising concerns about the number of days Brenda Cherotich spent in isolation.

Head of Infectious Diseases Unit at Kenyatta National Hospital (KNH) Loice Ombajo has revealed why she took 23 days. Coronavirus patients are supposed to be isolated for 14 days but in Brenda’s case, she was kept under observation for 23 days.

One of the concerns raised by Kenyans was she had been isolated since Monday, March 9 which is 23 days before Tuesday, April 1st, when she was declared, healed while the first case was reported on Friday, March 13.

Why did it take long?

It took longer because what we did is, once someone is admitted we take a sample just before the two weeks. If that is positive, then we give it a few more days before we take another two samples, so it took a little longer than we expected so we had to wait and repeat it again in different occasions.

In a teleconference video call with President Uhuru Kenyatta on Wednesday, April 1, Brenda stated:

I developed symptoms and l voluntarily went to the hospital as a responsible Kenyan and was confirmed positive.

She added:

I have since been treated and discharged after 23 days in isolation.

Ombajo also explained how patients are declared cured of Covid-19.

By the time we declare someone negative, usually we will have had multiple results that are negative.

Ombajo added:

We take a sample from the lab, first time it is negative after 24 hours, we take another sample and if that is also negative, then we can declare that someone is negative.

Cherotich was patient zero in Kenya, having traveled from the US, through London and to Kenya where she could have contracted the virus.

On Wednesday, April 1, Cherotich returned to her home in Rongai where she says she was greeted with positivity from her neighbours.

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