This Is What Akothee Did When 24 Women Showed Up At Her Gate Begging For Food

Akothee had to do something for the 24 women who showed up at her gate begging for food.

Popular singer and philanthropist Akothee has been trying her best to bridge the gap ever since COVID-19 crept into Kenya.

The mother of five immediately sprung into action when her fans started complaining of hunger and luck of basic necessities like masks or shelter.

Akothee to the rescue.

Like anyone else, she got overwhelmed but still resolved to fight her demons and show up for those who needed her.

Through a heart breaking Instagram video, the single mother showed how dire the situation was and is for the lowly in the society.

Awaken by noise.

On Saturday, May 2, while trying to lay her head on her pillow, the musician was awaken by noise at her gate in Mombasa.

She went outside to check what the problem was and was surprised to come face to face with a large group of women and children standing outside her mansion. They all headed to her place to beg for one thing – food.

Akothee was shocked!

The celebrity’s heart broke into pieces when she saw how undignifying poverty was and decided to share boxes of noodles amongst the crowd.

Some kids even rushed to tear the packets and attempt eating the uncooked food.

Akothee continuously cautioned the ravenous children. According to her, the ladies outside her home were 24 and there were more who needed her help but did not go to her house.

That is supposed to be cooked first before you eat it, please do not tear it yet. Go ask your mum to cook it first.

The Nakupa Moyo singer took their phone numbers and promised to provide further assistance later in the day.

As previously reported, the president of single mothers stepped up when the rest of the world sat down.

Akothee shopped for people with disability, provided masks and food for the poor and even accommodated a beggar she met on the streets.

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