Video: City Woman Narrates How Burale Conned Her Ksh250,000

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7 months ago, actress Nini Wacera detailed how she was conned by popular pastor cum motivational speaker, Robert Burale.

The actress who has since relocated to Nakuru to pursue a career in mixed agriculture and forestry, said that the incident happened in 2005.

She met the man who she only referred to as “Robert” at a club. He looked dapper, she said, adding that she went on to hit on him and later bought him a drink.

They got to know each other a little bit after which he (Burale) introduced her to his mother and took her to his swanky offices located in Westlands.

According to Wacera who once hosted a podcast with Kaz Lucas, she grew fond of the con artist but he withheld sex from her.

At the time, she was looking to purchase a car and had saved up Sh250,000. It was going to be her first car.

As it happened, Burale told her that he was a car dealer and was willing to help her out. He offered to transport the motor vehicle from Mombasa to Nairobi.

So calculated was the con that when he arrived in Mombasa he kept touch and sent pictures showing where he was, exactly. She trusted him.

A few days later, however, the man went silent and was nowhere to be found. The next step for Wacera was to report the matter to the police, which she did.

The police could not trace him, the woman he had introduced as his mother, denied ever laying her eyes on Wacera. At the Westlands offices, no one knew of his whereabouts.

A few years later, she narrated, she learnt that he was an actor and had since swindled some five people.

The veteran actress also remembered bumping into an advertisement indicating that he (Burale) is a pastor claiming to help single women find love.

But according to the RB Company chief executive, he has no recollection of what transpired between himself and Wacera. In fact, he said,

“It was so many years ago.”

He former Fashion Watch panelist added, “The enemy is fighting me because I am successful.”

Burale who is now battling covid-19 is known for his stance on sex and his swanky suits. He has apparently not had any form of carnal knowledge for 6 years.

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