Vera Sidika Explains Relocation To Mombasa Along With Spa Business

Socialite Vera Sidika has relocated to Mombasa along with her spa business, Vera Beauty Parlour and is now explaining why:

“I have moved the Vera Sidika Beauty Parlor here but that is not the end of my investment as I have an elaborate projected business plan.”

According to the beauty, she is now reminiscing her childhood in the land she grew up and is enjoying her mother’s embrace.

“I really missed my mother and the rest of my family members. I missed everything about growing up, the simple things like being around the people who know me truly.” She told Standard Entertainment & Lifestyle.

Among her other reasons for relocating, she stated that she is eyeing positions of power and leadership and thus she might mingle with the right flock in the Coastal city.

“I am happy to get back to Mombasa, to invest here and probably to think of equipping myself into positions of power as I mingle with the right people and learn from all,” she said.

Adding to her list of reasons, the businesswoman stated that the business environment in Mombasa has been getting friendlier than it is in Nairobi.

The cliche’ of every female celebrity in Nairobi starting a salon or spa business had her withdrawing from the pool.

“I have noticed that all female celebrities in Nairobi are opening saloons and it is becoming cliché to own a beauty parlor there so besides all other reasons that have gotten me move to Mombasa, I am also setting myself apart, away from the crowd,” Vera reiterated.

It remains unclear whether Vera has intentions of joining the political scene although she is planning to host some big wigs in politics tomorrow, on Saturday, September 5th.

The call for the anticipated gathering is for the unveiling of her luxurious parlor in Nyali.

Shaffi Weru and Al Entertainment director Kevin Obia are part of the team that are sewing up the pieces of the event.

Earlier this week, Vera was trending after a photo of her showing nearly all of her flesh went viral.

Although she told the Standard Lifestyle & Entertainment that she is a reformed person, a leader and businesswoman, that photo that took the internet by storm quite contradicts her words.

She said:

“I am not the video vixen anymore. I am holding serious meetings with high profile businessmen and women and that is the level I am playing in…The Vera Sidika of 2020 is a leader and businesswoman, not a socialite,” she stated.

However, regarding the nude photo, she said she is working on rebranding her image.

She also jokingly said she is aware there are people who just needed to see “that”.

“You know there are people who just want to see that Vera, that little showbiz craze. I know there are those who just like it that way and so you just have to keep on feeding them till they discover where the world moved to”.


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