USIU Student Found Lifeless In Her Apartment After Hosting A Party

A 21 year old girl identified as a USIU student has been found dead in her apartment at Mirema Drive, near Roysambu.

The lifeless body of the girl, identified as Priscilla, was discovered by the caretaker on Wednesday evening.

He was worried that she had not left her apartment for nearly 24 hours, which was unlike her.

According to a source who spoke to reportersPriscilla had hosted a bash at her place on Monday night, which went well into the morning.

This is a pretty common thing in apartments hosting majority college students.

Her guests apparently stayed until the following day, just before the evening curfew. But when Priscilla went another 24 hours without leaving the house, the caretaker got curious.

He found an unlocked door, with the girl’s lifeless body lying on the living room floor. Police were alerted immediately.

Among items found in the room were bottles of codeine – a prescription drug often abused, as well as weed blunts.

The police have launched a formal investigation, with initial suspicion being that she overdosed.

According to residents, codeine usage has become rampant in the area especially among college students.

Codeine is being sold out in the open like water, we lost another one just the other day.

The caretaker and other neighbours have been questioned.


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