Uhuru Hints That He May Not Extend The Nationwide Curfew

Uhuru has hinted that he might not extend the nationwide curfew.

Addressing the pubic on his seventh presidential address on coronavirus in Kenya on Saturday, May 23, Uhuru hinted he may not extend the nationwide 7 pm to 5 am curfew.

He noted the economy was badly hurting and as government, they were assessing various options to ensure Kenyans were allowed to return to work soonest.

He mentioned other governments:

We have seen what the other governments are doing. We cannot continue to stay at home, we cannot ask Kenyans not to attend to their business. But what will help resume our normal life, is what each of us will do. If you don’t observe the guidelines, you will harm other. You must be responsible to protect your workmates.

At the same time, he confirmed additional 31 cases pushing the national tally to 1,192.

The nationwide curfew was first declared effective from Friday, March 27, to curb the spread of the virus, but it was extended for 21 days.

The extension was again effected for another 21 days which ends on June 6. Uhuru also announced extension of cessation of movement into and out of the counties of Nairobi, Mombasa, Kilifi, Kwale and Mandera for the same period of time.

Analysis of the situations.

The head of state said the decision was agreed based on critical analysis of the situations in other countries which had relaxed their restrictions.

He said on May 16th:

The nationwide dusk-to-dawn curfew that is currently in force extended for a further period of 21 days up to and until June 6 2020. The cessation of movement into and out of the Nairobi metropolitan area and the counties of Kilifi, Kwale, Mombasa and Mandera that is currently in force shall also be extended upto and until June 6, 2020.

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