Two Men Fought To Death In A Bar Just A Day After Reopening

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Two people died after a bar fight on the first day of reopening, the Ministry of Health has announced.

Health CAS Rashid Aman disclosed that the incident happened on Tuesday night in one of Nairobi’s bars.

“It is sad and alarming to note that, just a day after His Excellency the President sanctioned the reopening of bars, two people died yesterday while fighting in a bar here in Nairobi,” Aman said.

President Uhuru Kenyatta on Monday lifted the six month suspension of operations in all bars and clubs sarcastically urging Kenyans to “kunywa pombe sasa”.

“The prohibition against the operation of bars, and the sale of alcoholic drinks by ordinary restaurants and eateries shall stand vacated from the September 29. Mnaweza kukunywa pombe sasa (you can now drink),” Uhuru said on Monday during the National Covid-19 address at KICC.

By 8pm Tuesday night, many bars were up and running with revelers who had been waiting for Uhuru’s greenlight.

While announcing 151 new virus cases on Wednesday, the CAS warned against Kenyans ignorance of the Covid-19 prevention and control guidelines by the ministry of Health.

“It is important to note that, the measures the president announced, must be strictly followed side by side, with the applicable protocols and guidelines by the ministry of Health,” Aman said.

“It is not a free for all now, as some people are attempting to mislead others.”

Source: The Star

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