Spy Queen Jane Mugo: I Shared My Man With Four Other Women

Is Private Investigator Jane Mugo unlucky when it comes to matters love? This is what her loyal clients and followers are asking after the spy-queen revealed that she had ended a relationship with a man who was intending to marry her.

The revelations come about four months after Jane flaunted her engagement ring and announced that she was officially taken.

But on October 26, Jane through her online platforms announced that her relationship with the man was over.

“When I posted about my engagement in July, I received congratulatory messages from my followers, media streams, enemies, family and friends,” Jane shared on her Facebook account.

Jane Mugo

To her disappointment however, after finding her new love, four women crawled out of the woodwork and laid claim to her man. They even shared photos of their good times with her Romeo. One of the women claimed to be from America, another stayed in Kitale, the other hailed from Pokot while the last one was from Kisumu. The heartbreaking revelations marked the beginning of Jane’s troubled union with her man.

“They were all bitter but honest to me because this guy had played them online and promised marriages because he was out of Kenya and had not met them,” Jane stated in a lengthy Facebook confession.

She went on:

“All this happened when I was bed ridden in hospital after the kidnap and I later joined campaigns so I was busy but we spoke daily. He did it online. I chose to ignore them because I was determined to make my marriage stand.”

Jane accused her former lover of being unfaithful after digging his dark side from former school mates, neighbours and even mother.

To me it’s not about my happiness. I respect hearts. I have dignity,” posted Jane.

Jane then went ahead and declared herself single, signaling the end of the shortlived love affair.

“Am confirming I am#SINGLE, busy, happy, not searching, and am returning the ring and all gifts to the sender. It’s not worth fighting for. You still claim to love and respect me,” she declared.

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