Sonko Name Drops Top Government Officials Who Allegedly Sabotaged His Donations To Kibra Residents

Sonko name drops top gov’t officials who allegedly ordered vandalism of spray booths.

Spray booths installed in Kibra constituency by Sonko Rescue Team were vandalized raising disagreement between Governor Mike Sonko and government officials.

Sonko stated that the booths were vandalized under the supervision of the Deputy County Commissioner.

Nairobi county boss said:

I am saddened by the vandalism that occurred earlier today supervised by the Kibra Deputy County Commissioner allegedly with instructions from the Nairobi Regional Coordinator.


In a lengthy post, Sonko termed the vandalism as “a new low, and the hallmark of the selfishness and pettiness.”

Today’s action is not only evil but proof that indeed we have people in government who would rather have Kenyans die of the pandemic or starvation than see them helped by people they (government officers) don’t like politically.

Governor Sonko installed the booths in several parts of Nairobi County to help reduce the spread of the coronavirus.

Pointing at PS Kibicho.

He further claimed that the officers frustrating him were working under the instructions of Interior Principal Secretary Karanja Kibicho.

The governor alleged that he had been informed that PS Kibicho had given instructions to have the spray booths uninstalled.

The RC confirmed the instructions were from Interior PS Karanja Kibicho. Recently, my colleague Hassan Joho launched public sanitization booths, in partnership with the Suleiman Shahbal Foundation and nobody has had a problem with that.

Do you think Sonko is right?



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