Ringtone Warned After Thirsting On Nameless’s Teen Daughter Tumiso

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Controversial artist Ringtone Apoko has not been spared after publicly drooling over Nameless’ teen daughter, Tumiso.

Known for his string of controversies and mixed up love life, Ringtone has been asked to tread carefully after attracting Nameless’ wrath.

Apoko has out of the blues decided to celebrate Tumiso Mathenge in a cryptic post, alongside a breathtaking photo of the beauty with her fierce dad.

“My friends Nameless and Wahu, your daughter Tumiso is very beautiful. I had not seen her before,” Apoko penned.

Further admitting Tumiso will make a good wife, just like her mom, Wahu.

“We are watching and praying for her,” he wrapped up.

A post that left a bitter taste among his followers, questioning his sanity.

Apoko tabia

He however later edited his caption. Probably after receiving a warning from the music power couple, who felt Ringtone had crossed his boundaries.

Source: Ghafla

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