REVEALED: Is This The Government Agent Warning Ruto’s Donors In UAE?

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A week after the UAE had indefinitely stopped issuance of their VISA to Kenyans, following what, close sources inform us was due to fake COVID-19 certificates that were used by Ruto and his team to breech travel protocol, Rodgers Kipembe, a close ally of Rt. Hon. Raila Odinga, managed to visit the Country without much struggle.

While speaking to OMG, concerning the same, he described his visit as an urgent Business Meeting.

But what has emerged, is that, earlier before his travel he had met the former PM who purportedly, sent him to warn Ruto’s financiers in Dubai of working against the current Government.

In his social media profiles, @RodgersKipembe on Twitter and Rodgers Kipembe Mpuru on Facebook, Kipembe can be seen posing with RAO, with another photo of him in a plane.

This suggests, the meeting was more of the purpose of his visit and not about BBI, as he captioned.

Kipembe seems to be a radical guy having deep connection with the two proponents of BBI, from how he was contacted, while opposing BBI, but after meeting RAO defending the Ammendment Bill ruthlessly, henceforth.

How he carries himself, and his easy access to the AU High Representative, suggests that he may be the guy, being used to deliver intelligence on what goes on in Dubai, once the DP visits there.

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