My Relationship With Rue Baby is Complicated, MCA Tricky Reveals

MCA Tricky speaks on his relationship with Rue Baby. 

With pictures of them together making rounds, as well as Akothee herself teasing Rue Baby about MCA Tricky, it’s been rumoured that the two are an item.

However, both of them seem to keep insisting that they are simply good friends.

Yeah, right. 

MCA Tricky
image: Tenor

While everyone and Rue Baby’s mother may see right through it, the two maintain that their relationship is strictly platonic.

During a recent interview with Switch TV´s Chatspot team, MCA revealed the nature of his relationship with Rue;

“My relationship with Rue Baby is complicated. Rue Baby ni beshte yangu sana halafu venye umeona hizo clips tumekua tukifanya na yeye projects kadhaa za Entertainment. So nimem incorporate kwa hizo clips, unajua ukicreate online content lazima uchose characters wisely.”

rue baby and mca tricky




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