Police In Kisumu Fear For Their Lives As Wananchi Teargas Them

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Police in Kisumu are a scared lot after someone teargassed them as they enforced the curfew.

According to various sources, Police are now looking for a man said to be selling teargas to residents in the area.

This comes after police were chased away and properly teargassed by unknown people while enforcing the 7 pm curfew.

As per police intel, the man has been doing house to house teargas delivery within the city and they suspect each household has at least two teargas canisters. lol!

“We are looking for a man who has been selling teargas here in Kisumu, the police have been having a difficult time implementing the curfew because they are met with an equal force.”

A representative of the police inspector in the region said.

Hahaha Kisumu yawa!

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