Police Hunting For Two Prisoners Who Escaped While Being Escorted To The Toilet

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Police authorities are hunting for two prisoners who managed to escape from Ekerenyo Police Station.

Reports indicate that the two, Abdul Hassan and Jared Getangi escaped while being escorted to the toilet by Constable Michale Sifuna.

Apparently, the duo was being escorted to a toilet that is 50 meters from the police station before they mysteriously unlocked the handcuffs and started running.

Efforts by police officers to pursue them were futile as they dashed into unknown destinations.

Abdul Hassan had been detained for malicious damage offense. On the other hand, Jared Getangi was being held for being in possession of stored government property.

Authorities have called on the public to help identify the suspects and bring them to book.

Source: KahawaTungu

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