Pastors Wife Pushes Him To Get A Second Wife After 35 Years Of A Childless Marriage

A pastor’s wife has pushed him to get a second wife after 35 years of a childless marriage.

In almost all African societies, polygamy is an acceptable and valid form of marriage – in fact, monogamy has been associated with people of lower social status.

Proponents of polygamy have claimed that the more wives a man has, the more children he is likely to have.

Lesser chances of immorality.

And the more children, the greater the chances that the family will enjoy immortality. This is indicative of the high regard in which the tradition is held by some African people, particularly in men.

However, the theological thinking of various Christian denominations is divided on the subject of polygamy. While some churches are reluctant to allow the wives of polygamists to occupy prominent posts within the church, others are reluctant to permit a polygamist to occupy a church leadership role.

Some churches accommodate polygamy.

Yet others, such as some of the African Independent Churches, accommodate polygamists and allow them full and active participation in the life of the church.

One such polygamist who was allowed full and active participation in the life of the church was Pastor Habil who opened up about his polygamous life.

Habil was a doting husband to his wife of 35 years but having a childless marriage seemed to have been a bother for his wife who then created room for him to be able to court another woman.

He said:

She also thought I should get somebody at least so that I will not feel miserable that I have been with her and we have no children.

He added:

Which is very true because after now 35 years together with her she is still childless so you see she did a good thing to think I needed somebody else.

Man of God took her in as a second wife.

Were met his second wife at a church where he was ministering and befriended her before professing his love for her, which according to him, was accidental.

But the woman confessed to having had a mutual feeling and that he did not have to apologize. The second wife became a frequent guest at Were’s home and the two women become friends even before the man of God decided to take her in as his second wife.

Unable to conceive.

Knowing the first wife unable to conceive, the second wife vowed to protect her with all she had including leaving her husband if he ever chose to abandon his first wife.

To ensure there was peace at home, he clearly outlined each one’s position in the family but that did not stop problems from popping up time to time nonetheless.

He warned:

I told her she must understand that if she was coming to my life , My first wife was going nowhere and if she found that she had a problem, she should not capitalize on that to outsmart her.

The women live together in the same house but different rooms while the man of God and his own room but never drew up a schedule to indicate in whose room he would sleep in or when.



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