Njugush Reveals How His Ex Left Him Because He Was Broke

If only she stuck around a little longer with Njugush. 

We all know Njugush’s success story, but once upon a time he was a humble man. Something his ex-girlfriend didn’t appreciate. In an interview with Dr King’ori, Njugush revealed that his ex-girlfriend cheated on him to his face, and even called him out because he was broke. He said;

My ex before to meet na huyu (Wakavinye)  we broke up because of money, because sikuwa na  ficha. Me sikumblame sana juu sikuwa na kakitu however those were the tender stages, hauwezi break up na kifaranga kwa juu haina mabawa na haijagrow na haijagrow ikakuwa kuku. No! For her ilikuwa hivyo and she played me live akaniambia weh hauna doh

Njugush and Celestine
image: YouTube

He went on to add that this does not matter since it happened 7 seven years ago, within that time he met his current partner Celestine, who first started off as friends. Then, later on, built an online empire together.

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