NASA To Explore Giant Gold Asteroid That Can Make Everyone On Earth A Billionaire

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There is a 226-kilometre wide asteroid in space dubbed ‘16 Psyche’.

In case you were wondering what’s so special about this asteroid, well for starters, this asteroid could be probably worth more than our entire global economy.

It is situated in the solar system’s asteroid belt that lies between Mars and Jupiter, the asteroid is unique.

It is thought to be built entirely of exposed metallic iron, nickel and gold core of a protoplanet. In case you didn’t know, most asteroids are known to be icy and rocky and nothing like 16 Psyche.

Experts claim the gold and other precious metals on the asteroid to be worth $10,000 quadrillion.

That is enough money to make every single person alive on Earth right now a billionaire (in terms of US Dollars).

If that asteroid is mined for its riches, it is worth more than the entire Earth’s economic system, threatening to wipe it off completely.

Researchers claim that this very core is not very different from our own planet’s core, hinting that it could very well be the insiders of a dead planet that has either suffered severe collisions or lost its outer layers due to some reason.

NASA is working with SpaceX on a spacecraft by the same name tha will launch from Cape Canaveral Launch Pad 39A, with the help of SpaceX’s Falcon Heavy rocket, somewhere around August 2022.

The rocket is expected to cross Mars in the year 2023 and will move towards the trajectory of the asteroid by January 2026 — so it’s a long journey.

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