Nancy Onyancha Says She ‘Friend Zoned’ Her Husband For 10 Years

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TV siren Nancy Onyancha has opened up on her love life with her former TV colleague and husband Job Mwaura.

In an interview with her new employer, Switch TV, Onyancha revealed the fine details of how she met with her husband and how it was like to work with him at K24.

The bootylicious TV siren noted that before meeting her husband, she had only dated one guy.

She said:

“I was a late bloomer when it comes to relationships. I actually dated one person before dating my husband. So, yeah, I got just an ex and the current,”

Many got to know of their relationship while they both worked at K24, but on the contrary, Onyancha, who has worked in six different media stations, revealed that she met Mwaura on her first job.

“I worked with him from the first TV station I joined as an intern. He was there already as a reporter, but we didn’t date.”

Onyancha recounted.

She later left the TV station after she had become friends Mwaura but they never communicated. Their paths would later cross when Onyancha joined K24 from Citizen TV, only to find Mwaura there.

“I went to another TV station then later we joined at our former TV station. But we still didn’t date. I was still dating that one person. So it’s like we became friends for about 10 years”

Onyancha recalled.

They started dating in 2016 after Onyancha broke up with her ex-boyfriend, culminating in marriage two years later.

“So later we decided to date officially in 2016. We dated a bit in 2016, I got engaged in 2017, I got married in 2018,” she said.

Onyancha said that working with her hubby as her boss, was easy because of the friendship they had fostered over the years.

As friends they used to spend most of their time together, something she says that helped them build their work and love relationship.

Onyancha and Mwaura worked together as editors at K24 for seven years until they were shown the door last month.

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