Nameless Proves Kikuyus Can Be Romantic After Taking Wahu On Vacation (Photos)

Nameless is representing Kikuyu men out here. 

The couple had been taking shots at each other on social media, with Wahu seeming to have the last laugh when she called out her husband for not being romantic due to his Kikuyu genes. She shared a hilarious meme and captioned;

My fellow ladies…mambo kwa ground inakaaje ????????????

Nameless, however, proved her wrong with an elaborate gesture. He took her on vacation even before Valentine’s day, while still assuring his audience that he will be attending the annual men’s conference. He wrote;

Ati alikuwa anasema Nini juu ya Wakikuyu na Valentines????…. @mamutravel thanks for coming through with the quick deal ….siwezi kubali kuambiwa hivo.????… Men’s conference Bado na come by the way ????, musini-judge, #KikuyusCanBeRomantic???? #CheckIGstoriesforProof????????

Kikuyu men reading this, kindly follow suit. 



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