Nairobi Man Convicted for Stealing Cooking Oil Discloses Wife Left with Their Child

Alvin Linus Chivondo, the young man who was charged with stealing 5kg of rice, 5 litres of cooking oil, 2kg of sugar, honey, and tea leaves totalling KSh 3,165 is very lucky.

Former Nairobi governor cleared the fine of a 21- year-old who was caught shoplifting at Naivas Supermarket along Moi Avenue in Nairobi.

Sonko also gave him a job in Upperhill and bought him a month’s shopping, leaving many praising him.

Alvin Linus Chivondo

Comedian YY also took to social media to ask Kenyans to fundraise for Chivondo, and he collected over KSh 100k.

On April 16, YY, accompanied by fellow comedian Eddie Butita, visited Chivondo at his Nairobi home, and the state of his lonely house left many touched. Speaking to YY, who had gone to hand over the cash he collected to him, Chivondo said;

“Wife alitoroka na mtoi na vitu zangu zimepotea kutoka hio day. Ni viatu tuu zake aliacha hapa…”

According to a female caretaker at the place where Chivondo lives, his wife was stopped from leaving the house with household items because they still owed the landlord.

The father of one had rent arrears since January. He pays KSh 3, 500 per month, and YY cleared it.

YY cleared the balance which had accumulated to KSh 14000, bought him a phone, gave him fare KSh 4,500, KSh 500 for groceries, cleared his debt of KSh 4,000 at a shop where he used to take food.

The comedian kept the rest of the money, promising to spend it on other needs Chivondo might have and even pay rent for upcoming months.

YY lectured the young man, advising him to work hard, and stop using drugs, and his advice was echoed by Chivondo’s neighbours and relatives.

Excited, Chivondo thanked Kenyans for supporting him, promising to stop using drugs and work hard.

“Sorry Kenyans, I will try my best to change. I thank everybody who supported me and may God continue blessing you. siwezi taka kurudi nyuma tena,” he said.

Chivondo was released from prison on Thursday, April 14, Sonko Rescue Team picked Chivondo from the Industrial Area prison where he had begun serving his one-year sentence.

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