Mother Gave Birth After Testing Positive With Corona And This Was Her Experience

A mother gave birth after testing positive with corona and she narrated her experience.

For 10 days after giving birth to her first child, the mother was not allowed near him after she tested positive for coronavirus, for fear of infecting her newborn.

And even though she has since been reunited with her son, neither she nor her husband have been allowed to physically touch him without gloves as they undergo an extended period of quarantine.

Vanesa Muro from Madrid said that it was almost depressing:

It’s hard

She added:

He grabs your finger, the poor little thing and holds on to the plastic, not on to you. But at least that’s another day over, you have to think of it like that otherwise you get depressed.

She had been preparing to have the baby by caesarean section on March 16, but everything changed when her grandmother, who the couple had been seeing every day, caught the virus. Her grandmother later died from the disease.

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