Mohammed Ali In Fear After Unknown People Try Taking His Life For The 5th Time

Nyali Member of Parliament Mohammed Ali is claiming that his life is in danger.

He shared photos of a gunshot that went through his window targeting him saying that the people who are behind the attempt on his life are relentless to take him down revealing that this has happened almost five times adding that no human can take the life of another except the will of God.

Mohammed Ali
Mohammed Ali

The journalist-turned-politician noted that the attackers were howling for his blood, but seemingly vowed to not be intimidated.

“Yet again, for the fifth time, there has been an attack on my office. This a clear indication that the person/people behind this attempt on my life are relentless to take me down. What they forget is, no human being can take the life of another except by the will of God.” The Investigative journalist tweeted.

The whole case has received mixed reactions from his followers, here are just some of the comments since some people think that he is just chasing clout;

@Judy Wawira-

So you seriously want us to believe people are after your life as a politician but not when you were doing the jicho pevu sindio? Watu si wajinga bana


The angle of this bullet and the type of gun used need to be identified to establish the exact distance the gun was fired from. This is a sniper hidding somewhere on that building accross or somewhere beside it. It comes from an enclosed place that is a house

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