Missing Nairobi Girls Led By Shanice Ndunge Disclose Why They Deceived Parents

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The seven teenage girls who went missing on Saturday, November 14, emerged yesterday Friday with new information dispersing the abduction and kidnapping reports.

The girls, who have since been tracked down by the Director of Criminal Investigation (DCI), disclosed that they were bored having been indoors since the covid-19 outbreak in March.

“I would not be here if it were not for the angle the whole thing has taken on social media, with people trolling us,”

Natalie, one of the girls who went missing told reporters after their disappearance caused a stir.

The disappearance came to the limelight after one of the girl’s cousins recorded a video, pleading with Kenyans to help the family look for them.

Natalie added that once the drama surrounding their disappearance had subsided, they would plan another getaway to have fun, adding that the relatives overreacted to the extent of posting videos asking for help to find the girls.

“I’m sure if Shanice (one of the other missing girls) were to see this video, she would just laugh it off because she does not care,” Natalie stated.

She added that it was normal for Shanice Muoka to disappear and appear whenever she felt like it.

“She calls one of us and we beg her to return home. We know each other’s contacts off head,” Natalie added.

The girls further stated that their parents were ‘analog’ and were not understanding.

At around 4 pm on Friday, DCI’s Child Protection Unit detectives announced that they had rescued three girls suspected to be among the ones reported missing.

Speaking to reporters, Shanice’s mother claimed that there is a group of human traffickers who recruit young girls in their gang.

“I am told about 20 girls here are part of the ring but we don’t know their master yet, although we suspect one of us. They target bright girls. All these (girls) had over 400 out of 500 marks in KCPE (Kenya Certificate of Primary Education Examinations),” she stated.

She added that prior to her disappearance she had withdrawn all her phones and computers.


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