Miracle Baby Puts An End To Rumours He Is An Illuminati Member

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Sailors Gang’s Miracle Baby has come clean on reports that he is a member of Illuminati.

The popular Gengetone artist was suspected to have gotten to where he is through Freemasonry which he allegedly uses to finance his lifestyle.

Not once, not twice have fans been suspicious of his kind of fame and what got him there. Reports he has finally come out to address after it became too much.

Through his Instagram, the kid shared a screenshot of his private chat with a close friend who needed connections to join the popular cult.

“Hello brother Peter, I really need your help how can I join 666?” read the message.

Not sure what the unidentified sender meant, Peter asked him what that meant only to be told “Illuminati, ju I wanna be like you”.

According to the sender, they had had enough of suffering and struggling with poverty but since they know Miracle Baby is part of the cult, then they hoped that he would help them join in.


Miracle Baby, admitted: “Nimeulizwa hii swali a countless times????????‍♂️”.

Before clarifying that nothing but God has been his source of light and breakthrough in his music career and life.

“Am not in any cult ni kazi ya God na Prayers???????? nothing more or less,” he assured fans.

This comes barely days after the Gengetone artist narrated his dark past, days when he worked as a mortuary attendant to put food on the table.

Further disclosing strange details of how a stranger left a child in a basin outside his door, never to be seen again but he instead took them in as his own.

Miracle baby is now a proud father of 5 (4 his biological children and 1 adopted).

Source: Ghafla

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