Miguna Miguna Defends Yvonne Okwara From Kenyans On Twitter

Miguna Miguna has come to Yvonne Okwara’s defense on Twitter.

Exiled Lawyer Miguna Miguna has come to the defense of Citizen TV presenter Yvonne Okwara following her remarks that attacks on recovered COVID-19 patient Brenda Cherono were directed at women, and KOT should be arrested.

In tweets seen, Miguna said that the news anchor was entitled to her own opinion just like everyone else and Twitter users should stop attacking her.

He went on to say that she is one of the most thoughtful Kenyans and they should not try to stop her by intimidating her, calling on KOT to instead counter her with logical reasons.

Miguna Miguna in his tweets admitted that Ms Okwara went over board when she called for the arrest of KOT for attacking Ms Cherono, in support of CS Mutahi Kagwe’s words.

An appeal to Kenyans on @Twitter: Yvonne Okwara is entitled to her opinions, just like all of you are. Stop attacking @YvonneOkwara for expressing her opinions. Democracy, the rule of law and constitutionalism demand no less. Yvonne is one of the most thoughtful Kenyans alive. Don’t try to curtail @YvonneOkwara‘s opinions through intimidation, harassment, threats or unwarranted attacks on her. Present your own opinions robustly. Interrogate and deconstruct hers with reason and logic. We need to EXPAND our DEMOCRATIC SPACE and guard against tyranny.

People are entitled to their own opinions.

Finally, I agree that @YvonneOkwara went overboard by calling for the arrest of #KOT who had equally expressed their opinions as prescribed by the Bill of Rights. However, we should CRITIQUE that aspect of her anti-democratic opinion through REASON; not vigilantism.

News Gang.

During her Thursday night segment, News Gang, Yvonne Okwara said Brenda Cherono could easily fall into depression from the attacks on social media.

This was proportionally targeted at women, Brenda especially. The CS was on point, he was upset about it, and yes people on social media need to be prosecuted for some of the things they say. People on social media have to be accountable.

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