Types Of Men Who Probably Attended The Men’s Conference

These are the types of men that were likely to attend the men’s conference.

The “men’s conference” are where a group of men who are avoiding valentine’s duty would meet. These group of men are the type women complain about, your man has probably been telling you he’s attending this conference. When a man tells you that he’s going for this thing he has to fall within one of these categories and we are certainly not mincing our words! If your man falls into any of these groups it’s time to ditch him.

1. The broke guy 

The broke guy doesn’t understand that he doesn’t necessarily have to buy you expensive chocolate and flowers to please you. He’s the type that would rather just disappear and act distant last minute to avoid spending money. He doesn’t also realize that time is priceless and he could spend that on you.

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2. The unromantic’s 

This one is probably used to you and cannot imagine doing anything for valentine’s. He would rather spend it with his boys and leaves you on the couch watching a sad romantic movie. He will tell you that valentine’s is fake and he doesn’t believe in it, don’t believe him, he’s just used to you.

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3. The cheaters 

Cheating bae has a lot of pressure and he has to first show up for his main chick then come to you afterwards. If he’s not meeting you after work and he acts dodgy until the next day then he was with her and you’re probably not only two but more.

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4. The one who is not your bae

He is not your bae because you think you are in a relationship but he has never really declared it. He makes you feel confused and you’re always asking if you’re together. During valentine’s he’ll probably ask what your plans are and who your valentine date is, we are sorry but this is not your boo bear honey.

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5. The married unfaithful dude

The married unfaithful dude is having the time of his life during this time but not with you. As he goes out on some random trip with whoever he goes with you are left there wondering what to do with the kids and sadly every valentine’s your babies are always your valentine date even if you are married, very sad.

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Honestly good riddance to this whole men’s conference thing, it doesn’t make sense and it never will.

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