Man who snatched goats, rabbits from girl’s home after she ‘ate’ fare several times set free

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A man from Baringo County has found himself in hot soup after he stormed the home of a woman he has a crush on whom he had been sending fare repeatedly in vain.

Twenty-seven-year old Daniel Kemboi caused quite a stir when he stormed the home of 24-year-old Vivian Jebet, who still lives with her parents, and took two goats and four rabbits to recover the fare he had been sending her.

Kemboi, who hails from Koroto in Baringo North, claimed that he had sent Sh1,500 to Jebet on several occasions for boda boda fare on an agreement that she would use the money for travel from Kipcherere to his village home.

But after he snatched goats and rabbits from among her father’s livestock, Kemboi found himself in trouble as he was soon arrested after the police were informed.

He was set to be arraigned on Monday morning, November 2, at the Kabarnet Law Courts but was lucky Jebet’s family agreed to settle the matter out of court.

Source: K24

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