Man Who Glued Wife’s Privates With Glue Found At Home In Mwingi

A man who glued wife’s privates with glue was found at home in Mwingi.

Detectives from Directorate of Criminal Investigations (DCI) have arrested a 30-year-old man who dehumanised his wife by sealing her private parts using sand and glue.

The suspect, James Kifo Muriuki, was nabbed early on the morning of Thursday, May 21 at his hideout in Kinango, Kitui county.

He lured his wife to a river.

Kifo, according to the police, committed the heinous act after luring his wife to River Kathita on the night of Saturday, May 16, where he ordered her to undress.

The DCI said in a statement:

The arrest followed a shocking report made by the complainant, his wife, on how the suspect lured her in the dead of the night to River Kathita whereby he ordered her to strip naked and tell him all the men she had slept with while he was in Nairobi.

According to police, the woman became hesitant in complying with her husband’s demands and as a result, she was beaten by the suspect.

Apart from beating his wife, Kifo also sprayed pepper and salt on her genitals and used a knife to force them inside the private part before sealing it with glue.

He also sealed her ears and mouth.

As if that was not gruesome enough, Kifo added insult to injury by sealing the woman’s ears and mouth with glue before fleeing and leaving her for the dead.

DCI said:

The suspect will be charged accordingly once necessary police procedure is complete.

The case brings to the fore increasing incidents of domestic violence which the World health Organisation (WHO) had predicted would spike as families stayed at home for longer as a result of coronavirus pandemic.

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