Man Burnt To Death After His Car Burst Into Flames In Buru Buru

Man burnt to death after his car burst into flames in Buru Buru estate.

NAIROBI, Kenya Apr 29 – A man was burnt to death in his car in Nairobi’s Buru Buru estate on Wednesday morning.

Neighbours said they were unable to save the man after his car, a Subaru, went up in flames.

Man’s charred remains were removed.

A fire brigade truck from Nairobi County Government that arived at the scene within the hour only managed to extinguish the fire before the man’s charred remains were removed from the wreckage.

It was not immediately clear what caused the fire but police said they have launched an investigation.

The reason why it happened was unclear.

A preliminary assessment of the scene by detectives indicate that the car engine, which was initially suspected to have caused the fire, was intact with the focus now changing to whether it was an accident, arson or suicide.

Abdi Guyo who is in charge of police investigations at Buru Buru division said an investigation had been launched.

CID boss said;

We retrieved samples from the car for further tests so that we can establish what caused the fire

Neighbours told police they heard a loud blast which was followed by screams from his wife who was calling for help when the incident occurred at 8.30am.

Police have since identified the man as a 36-year-old Terrance Korir, a father who lived at Mai Mahiu court 5 in BuruBuru Phase 5.

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