Machakos Governor Alfred Mutua Wants To Be President In 2022

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Machakos Governor Dr. Alfred Mutua has officially launched his 2022 presidential bid vowing to inject new and fresh leadership into the country.

Addressing the media on Sunday, Mutua said if elected President one of his priorities will be job creation:

Noting that he will create 5 million jobs in the first three years.

“This morning, millions of educated and hardworking youth woke up unemployed and broke and this evening they will go to bed still jobless and broke… As the President of Kenya, I will create 5 million jobs in the first three years,” said Mutua.

The Governor described the country’s current situation as a computer that has “hanged” and urgently needs a fresh restart.

“The Kenyan Computer has frozen. Computer ya Kenya IMEHANG & Kenya needs a reset – a reboot. We need to start afresh. We need to change the way things are done & the way leaders serve. We need something new – a fresh start – a fresh movement,” said the Maendeleo Chap Chap Party leader.

“Truth be told, Kenyans are tired of a system that has over the years let them down. Today, the truth is, Kenyans are fed up. I am fed up and I know you are also fed up.”

Mutua further says if elected president he will build roads and highways in every constituency and maintain new ones to create an environment for growth.

“It is time for Kenya to usher in a new dispensation — a new era — a new period of better leadership and life. We need a new way thinking, of doing things and a new type of leaders,” said Mutua.

Mutua also says as President he will unleash a relentless war on corruption and deal with discrimination in the country.

“Tumechoka na tamaa – Tumechoka na political arrogance, tumechoka kupangiwa kwa mistari ya ukabila huku wachache wakiiba. Tumechoka kuwa bila pesa na tumaini. Tumechoka na tunataka mabadiliko,” said the Governor.

Source: Citizen TV

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