Larry Madowo Narrates How He Was Discriminated As A Black Man In America

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With the recent gruesome death of George Floyd in the hands of the Minneapolis Police in the US, the highly sensitive topic of racism has once again become the centre of heated discussion and deadly riots in America: The Land Of The Free.

Kenyan journalist Larry Madowo has talked about the racism he has faced in America on his multiple trips to the country.

In an exclusive article for the BBC, the former NTV presenter says he was once forced to use the service elevator to a dinner invite at a friend’s house after a doorman mistook him for a delivery guy.

Larry, who has worked in places like South Africa and the UK, further explained how he was shocked that an American butler did not think accomplished white people like his friend and her husband could have a black dinner guest.

The incident forewarned me that America may be the land of opportunity for many, but it would still reduce me to the colour of my skin and find me unworthy.”

He said.

Larry further made a comparison with Kenya saying how he can easily disappear into a crowd, but always worry about his safety as a black man in America.

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