Kredoh, The App That Allows You To Buy Airtime At A Discount

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What would you do if you were deep inside rural Kenya with no airtime and no shops around?

To make it even worse, the expensive credit you just purchased via playbill number has delayed for hours, and calls to customer care are not going through for reasons only they can explain?

For one enterprising Kenyan, this experience gave birth to an enterprise called Kredoh!

What is Kredoh?

This is a mobile application where one can easily and conveniently buy airtime. Kredoh can be accessed via the web or or via google play store kredoh android app.


What are the advantages of using Kredoh?

No transaction charges. Free, Free, Free.

Save money when you purchase airtime for KES 50 and above. Discount, Discount, Discount.

Fast & Easy. It takes one step to buy airtime as compared to more than 5 steps when other methods are used.

Automatic reversal on failure.

Buy for other networks from Mpesa and still enjoy the discount!

Allows buying airtime using FULIZA.

What discounts does Kredoh offer?

2% on all transactions of KES 50 and above.

For example, when buying different amounts:


Download the app and give it a trial today!

N/B The app needs data to work.

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