Kisumu Man Who Killed & Ate A Hyena Is Now On The Run

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Armed with a machete and a club, he managed to hunt down a troublesome hyena which had been a thorn in the flesh of residents of Kogilo, in Seme Sub County.

But what left residents amazed is that Moses Omondi, commonly known as ‘Obote’, went ahead and skinned, cooked and feasted on the carcasses of the wild animal shortly after posing for a photo with it.

And when he noticed that the Kenya Wildlife Service officials were tracking him, Obote disappeared, leaving behind the huge chunk of hyena meat, some of it on the roof of his house where he had begun drying it, while some on the ground within the compound.

The animal’s skin hanging on a rope behind his house is what raised suspicion that the man could have slaughtered the animal.

His shocked parents who raised the alarm yesterday were trying to come to terms with two realities-how the man managed to face and kill the dreaded animal, and how he chose to skin and feed on it despite the scary appearance of the animal.

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“The man is never very approachable, and we could not prevent him from doing whatever he wanted to do with the carcass,”

His father Ochola Hongo, told The Standard.

According to Hongo, the young man has been leaving home very early every morning in search of menial jobs.

And on Monday, he left earlier than usual and headed towards Kombewa slaughterhouse. Here, there is a small stream where the hyenas use as their route to access the village.

“Hyenas are common in the village and have been attacking our livestock. My son said enough is enough,”

Said Hongo.

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