Why kenyans Are Angry At Uhuru For Allocating KSh 72 Million To Raila

Kenyans are angry at Uhuru for allocating KSh 72 million to Raila.

President Uhuru Kenyatta’s administration is under fire by a section of Kenyans for allocating Raila Odinga KSh 72 million to run his office yet wananchi were facing more serious challenges owing to the COVID-19 pandemic.

The ODM leader was allocated the money due to his capacity as the former prime minister, having served in the position from 2008 to 2013 under retired president Mwai Kibaki.

Netizens protested the move on social media arguing Kenyans in the diaspora who were stranded due to the pandemic ought to have been evacuated first.

Here were some of the reactions.

General Waitina opined:

One ventilator costs roughly KSh 2 million. Raila Odinga has been allocated KSh 72 million. One man’s luxury is more important than saving Kenyan lives…but if I speak, I’ll be in trouble.

Stephen Mwangi wrote:

The president must do his job. We won’t allow Kenyans suffer at this uncertain moment. Awarding Raila Odinga’s office 72 million at this time was not useful. It is a hoax and we wont fall for it. Kenyans in China must be evacuated the government has a lot of money.

Mark Kyallo wrote:

Kenya has money to allocate to Raila’s Office (72m) but can’t evacuate Kenyans from China Maajabu! (Wonders).

Rein Asamoah noted.

The presidency budget was increased by KSh 5B. MoH budget reduced by KSh 9.6B. The office of Raila allocated Kshs 72M. Kenyans are mad with the KSh 72M budgetary allocation.

Dann Mburu suggested:

Twitter DCI please investigate why the government is giving Raila Odinga 72M yet Kenyans are trapped in China and many at home can’t make ends meet.

In short Kenyans are definitely impressed that at a time like this money is being squandered.

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