Kenyan Residents Sneaking In And Out Of Tanzania To Party

Kenyan residents sneaking in and out of Tanzania to party.

Residents of Namanga raised concerns about people who sneaked into Tanzania to party and return, exposing them to the threat of Covid-19.

Porus borders have posed a huge threat to Kenya in the fight against Covid-19, with people being able to sneak in and out of the country without undergoing screening.

Namanga residents fear for their lives.

Residents of Namanga are living in fear especially with regards to the handling of the pandemic, with many claims that Tanzania is a ticking timebomb.

Residents of Namanga said:

I’m a resident of Namanga, the fear that we have is on the Tanzanian side. Kenyans are now going to Tanzania because we have closed our bars, they go drink there and meet many people.

Few measures have been enforced.

Tanzania has not emphasized the severity of the disease. Our president has put in measures in our country but on the other side, few measures have been enforced.

One of the residents complained:

I’d ask residents of Namanga to stay put for some time and Tanzanians should also not move in now.

Another local revealed that they opposed pastors sneaking into Tanzania to preach and also lamented about Tanzanian labourers working in Kenya.

Our fear is that there is a big problem in our Namanga boarder. The problem is that we come into constant contact with Tanzanians.

Another resident added:

They have not treated the virus with seriousness and we see workers from Tanzania go to sleep in their country and come for work here.There are pastors who go to preach in Tanzania since they have not banned churches. They minister to congregations of about 100 people and they come back. We opposed that because our country has put in place good measures.

On Saturday, April 2, a man who is alleged to have escaped a Tanzanian quarantine centre was involved in a road accident while sneaking back into Kenya.

Truck drivers have also been marked as potential spreaders of the disease, owing to their travel in and out of various countries.

(H/T Kenyan News)


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